Different Thinking

This is a summery done in a fun way of some of the different learning styles and ones that we are going to be learning about this week. Gardener and the multi intelligence theory, De Bono and his six hats. Touches on Blooms taxonomy and metacognition. I thought it was a fun way to learn. The overview of some learning styles.



Personality Styles

This site below has a lot of information on it, one of the things that I really found interesting is how they linked color to the personality styles.  Under the side bar of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domains. After reading this one tends  to learn about their own style and how your style can affect the way you are viewed by your students , colleagues, or potential business associates. The article is long but worth the read.

My first blog post EVER

I am excited and scared using technology.  I have found the world of technology like living in the twilight zone. I find this world helpful for the most part. My understanding is somewhat limited and one of which I need to learn more about. Precisely why I am going for this Master Program to learn more about the technology age, how to enhance my everyday life, and bring to my students.