Why Teach Art?


I am an art teacher and believe in my heart that art relates to all disciplines.  However, arts are the first things to get cut out of school budgets and looked at art education as the budget blackhole.  Instead of looking at what the arts has to offer this article offers just that what keeping the arts in the schools can do. The article is a short read and gives a fresh view on what everyone needs and wants to know to be successful members of a fast moving society. This article illuminates the idea that through keeping the arts in the school students needs are addressed, and learns the work ethic it takes to complete a task to the best of ones ability and then rejoicing in the success of their hard work building ones self esteem. The next major point addressed was that art teaches visual syntax through the decoding of many art works and symbols used in those art works students be come better at decoding visuals they are bombarded with every day, which produces an enhancement of verbal expression. The last point the article illuminates is the fact that art it’s self is an expression of the values of society, ones inner taught, and expressions of ones beliefs about many topics. topics which are hard to understand without the visas to accompany those topics, war, peace, environmental impact, just to name a few. This article opens the argument for the arts to be a main stay in any school because it touches upon subjects in a way that no other discipline will.

I find myself defending keeping the arts in the education of our youth for these very same reasons. I believe that society reaps the benefit of every dollar they spend in the arts creating positive pragmatic thinkers who can solve problems creativity and are not afraid to try a different solution.


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