How to Lose Stress While Obtaining a Graduate Degree

After being stressed about my decision to go back and obtaining my graduate degree, my doctors started to complain about my weight gain, and boarder line high blood pressure. Losing contact with many friends and even family has made a very happy little gnome a grumpy one. Feeling isolated on a deserted island, I turned to the web for comfort and ideas on how to shed some of these feelings. Now I know I am not the only one wishing that a bottle with a degree would wash ashore. Of course anything worth learning takes time and the time put in, is always worth it. However, while one is juggling many life’s struggles there are times when the chest gets tight and the blood pressure elevates. This blog is one that sets forth a guideline for de-stressing. I plan on at least trying most if not all of these suggestions. The suggestions were to plan study time, relax with free time spent with friends and family, exercise, and reflection on accomplishments. All of great suggestions which when life caught me by surprise this semester I was not able to do, as a result I have had all the bad side effects of getting a master’s degree. Moving forward I hope I can have a plan of attack and feel more confident that I can at least finish what I started.




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