Learning to Live with the Good and Bad of Social Media


I most likely would have never had a Facebook account. Then I enrolled in a graduate program at Richard Stockton of New Jersey. The master’s program was for Instructional Technology. Trying to reach my goals to complete one of my classes I needed to use Tweeter, and Facebook social sites. This was my first encounter with these sites. I was very reluctant I made a Facebook page and know have a tweeter account. I understand the premise of these sites is to connect with friends and family, spread information and advertise for new company products.

With more and more people on these media sites it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of such site. One main disadvantage is the amount of personal information shared, which leaves one open for many disappointments. Where you upload and maintain your site and mange it could become a problem if you are at work and the guidelines as to use of Internet are not clear. Some employers have started formal training of their companies polices about such sites. However, the advantages out way the disadvantage 9 to 1, just like the viewing of ones post to the likes or comments.

The young and the old of society, use social media sites including businesses now are using these sites to get information out. Replacing the need for websites. However, the caution is that the sites if used for business should be designed for the target audience.

Many organizations have found social media site beneficial for promoting fundraiser for all different events and causes. One such recent one, which impacted the area I am writing from, was the funds needed to help the victims of Super Storm Sandy. Not only did the affected people need funds they needed the supplies needed to help them move forward.   Social media sites helped out in a big way also with getting the meeting to attend with regards to rebuilding and forums where information and date deadlines where discussed.

I do believe that although reluctant at first to join these sites. I am delighted and connected and reconnected with many friend and family.


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