Lesson 7 Assignment Social Media in the Classroom INTC 5330

Using Social Media in my classroom, which hopefully will not be blocked by my district. I found many ideas on Pinterest and therefore when investigating what site to use found this one worked best. Never knowing that  there was a way to make a group board, found that out and thought that I would start out with this portrait lesson as a collaboration reseach tool. I do believe that it is a form of discovery learning and collaboration, builds digital citizenship and promotes and engages the use of computers for learning.


Lesson Assignment 6 for Google Collaboration INTC 5330

Here is an interactive collaboration assignment for the students in my art classes to take part in. The collaboration happens on the World Wide Web, using the Google Chrome app The Exquisite Forest animation concept. This app asks its users to pick a tree in the forest and then add a story to it. There are many different tree themes and the rules for each tree are set out in simple terms. After the user collaborates and adds to a tree, they then may plant a seed and start there own tree.

Assignment Lesson 4 Using the iPad in the Classroom

Here I decided to use the iPad as a hook for the students. To engage them early in the assignment. The iPad app I used was a drawing app and they had to make a collage using  simply stock pictures and drawing they could on the screen. The uint is about the use of recycled materials and found object art. The production piece being created is a 2-D or a 3-D art which makes a statement. 


Lesson Assignment 5 INTC5330 Using Smart Boards

The unit here is on perspective which is a very hard concept for some students to understand. The use of the smart board will provide an interactive and engagement that this topic needs. The Board will be used as a formative assessment tool. In that the students will not be totally done with their drawing and the unit when this lesson is presented. This will be done near the beginning of their independent work. They will stop and focus on the Smart Board for this engaging activity.

Lesson Assignment 3 INTC 5330

In this lesson I found some inter active sites that were sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum of art as well as other art blogging sites to have the students see the true proser of creating this type of community. I believe that this would help have my students understand the importance of the Global Connection and the Authentic Audience more. The lesson utilizes Edublogs as an on going assessment tool. On going because the students posting their pictures their fore forcing them to self assess their own work. I am excited to see that our school does not have Edublogs blocked so I may have my students start this activity in the fall.

Integrated Technology Lesson Assignment 1: INTC5330

In this lesson students will have at least two weeks to work on their works of art. There will be a group assignment with a group presentation their slide at the end of the unit. Do to the nature of the visual arts being a self expressive aveanue the students will have an individual assignment as well as a group assignment.  The progress of the students will be monitored by the use of the technology tool known as padlet.com