Last reflection for INTC 5330 on The Day at Pad Camp

The day at Pad Camp was very worth while. I enjoyed presenting and working with a fellow Cohort teacher Jamie Richardson. We choose the topic of flipping a classroom and found apps which would help any teacher make video and get started. The apps and tools I presented where chosen for the presentation for the visual arts where Jamie choose ones that would bbs better used in the math programs. The video reflects my thoughts for the day.


Lesson 10 Gaming in the art classroom for INTC5330

This lesson the students will be able to try their creativity while making their own video game. The game will have to incorporate a landscape and have rewards and characters. The prelim drawings and notes along with the teacher conference at summative evaluation. The hope that the school will have I-pads to be able to download this free and creative app.

Lesson 9 Informational Literacy in the art classroom for INTC5330

This lesson is designed to encourage the student to navigate their informational world and use the information ethically. The lesson also allows the students to discovery different ways of gathering information. Students will be researching, synthesizing and creating with the information they gather. The next step will be to have the students share their findings while making a digital story  and participate ethically as an informed member of a democratic society. 

Lesson 8 Media Literary in the classroom for INTC5330

This lesson builds awareness of the use media, some of the changes it goes through and answers the  question is everything believeable. In the visual arts images are used everyday, students and artists are bombarded with thought kind of images with every eye movement. Yet how does one create an original design or picture then. The answer is in how the artist’s uses copy righted infromation. Use of symbolism will be discussed and the meaning and impact art works portray. Students will be asked to create a piece of art work about an environmental concern or a concern they have in the world with which we live.