Social Media Sites uses Education, Blog one for the INTC5001

These days of cyber bullying, and critics who are so narrow minded that they are in the dark ages when it comes to the positive uses of social media sites, for education. This article argues that teens who are  growing up in the “Google Generation” are already reaping the benefits and using these types of sites to share information, contact classmate about homework assignments and collaborating with their peers in a positive productive way. There are many forums for the educator to safely communicate with their students using social media. Educators know that open lines of communication is the best way to foster learning, and increase engagement of students. Yet many school districts are so quick to only look at the negative side and shut these lines of communication down, instead of taking the opportunity to teach a teachable moment and encourage responability digital citizenship. Instead  school districts , block these types of sites and will not reap the benefits of a true learning community.
cartoon 3



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