Blog 6 For INTC 5001: The Changing of Minds for Distance Learning

014148_1288361.jpg.800x430_q95_crop-smart_upscale    At first the term “meme” caught my eye because it looked and sounded like a Dr. Seuss word, when I looked it up, it meant an idea or behavior that spreads person to person within a culture. The culture we are talking about is the higher education culture. For years traditional education had a strong hold of how students and the public believed and viewed on-line education. That view is changing thanks to the phenomena known as “meme”. With ivy league colleges such as MIT and Harvard offering free online classes the very core of college seems to be a volcano waiting to erupt with a brand new fire for education. Free on-line classes, these courses have all the realtime feedback, offers self paced lessons along with video lesson and the high standards of curriculum and quality professors one often associates with the name of these prestigious colleges. The only difference is the name on the certificate and the price tag. The certificate of completion and the grade will come with the edx logo on it. Spokes persons fro both colleges said that the only way to still obtain a free from these schools is to be accepted, pay the bill and psychically attend face to face classes. However if one wants a certificate and a grade along with the knowledge to build their portfolio, without the debt then this program would be for you.


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