Blog 8 for INTC5001: Globalization and The Connection To Education.

The first thing we must establish is that the term is relatively new it only began with a Harvard Business Professor Theodore Levitt in1983, he defines the term as the integration of nations, people politics, economy and cultures moving and molding into one large community. He points out two main drivers for this movement: 1) Technologic advances and innovations that changed the way we trade with the world, which changed the world economy. 2) Technologies such as the satellite telecommunications, Jet Planes, and the main use of the Internet which opened communications in minutes or even seconds eliminating the barrier of time. Education must change because of these advances and make every effort to prepare the youth of all societies to understand they have a responsibility for the “Global Mind” a mind that thinks of global issues and cultures. A mind that has an awareness of the bigger issues facing everyone today worldwide. Education needs to cultivate skills for the students to be innovators and move technology in positive adventures such as renewable energy. To make them people of society, which can understand the differences in the diverse cultures for which they live. Generate business people, which are to able to handle the demands of a global economy. Scientists to use technology to make advances in the area of global health, human rights. Educator’s, who will help guide the youth to be able to navigate this complex society which and be able to handle the changes in the way we work and live. Education is hoping that the 21-Century Learning Goals will prepare our students for the globalization they are going to be learning and living in in the future.


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