BLOG 9 For INTC5001: The E-learning and a whole lot of MOOC’s!


E-learning and a whole lot of MOOC’s! Ok what is a MOOC? It is a Massive Online Open Course known as a MOOC. These (MOOC)’s invest in the idea that everything is done collaborative and the old saying the more one puts in the more one gets out. The MOOC’s are an on-line forum and are free. However the student may the university for credit in come cases. Most MOOCs today involve the learning in the fields of computer technology and teacher education and learning theory. Rather then just summarize another article about E-learning which all of us knows is the future of higher education. Instead I found a site that reported the pros and cons of this type of learning community from two different individuals, in an attempt to illustrate the good, bad and ugly for participating in a MOOC. The two participants themselves say that the MOOC format is not for everyone.

The pros discussed were: the global scope of the participants, Participants work together to help achieve greater understanding of presented materials, Credit is only given if the participant wants to pay, otherwise the courses are usually free from charge and one gains valuable knowledge, There are live chats and classwork presented weekly, Q& A sessions and feels like a face to face setting.

The con side of participating in a MOOC were: Participant experienced missing out on important information because of site navigation difficulties, Sometimes the participant felt that students who were receiving credit had been giving different privileges and went against the MOOC philosophy, the MOOC method of delivery is sometimes not conducive for the disabled learner, because the pace of the conversation is very fast and the amount of people talking at one time is at times very hard to follow.

The MOOC forum is relatively new and much research is still being conducted so as they say the verdict is still out. However, this appears to be the new wave of the future for the higher education system and many big name university


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