Blog 10 For INTC 5001-Human Performance Technology Uses in Education

ETEC 561 clipart Elect Perf Sup Syst_BrainLet’s start by defining what Human Performance Technology  (HPT) is: The H = to the individuals and groups that make up an organizations, P= Performance activities and measurable outcomes, T= Technology as a systematic and systemic approach to problem solving. In a nutshell HPT is a specific process of selection, analysis, design, development, implantation and evaluation. HPT uses the most effective ways to influence human behavior and produce favorable outcomes. Wait isn’t that what education is doing? HPT is based in the behaviorist theory of learning and is closely related to the instructional theory. By mixing these two theories and the advances of neuroscience people have changed their ideas as to how humans acquire knowledge. Teachers who use this method are ones who:

  • Use clear defined objectives
  • Maintain that everything must be in measurable terms.
  • Chunk information presented to distract with the non-relative information.
  • Assess student out comes and use that data to analyze what might have gone wrong.
  • Reflect and make changes.
  • With the student being able to clearly and concisely communicate their findings and ideas.

This method of problem solving is based on data and analyses are completed at each level. With the 21st century upon us we are living more globally connected, information is at our fingertips and multimedia is everywhere, we all must become better communicators and use filters to process knowledge quicker to live in this competitive connected world.


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