Blog Post 11 For INTC 5001: Games Are For Education

imagesThe Avant-Garde Movement in art was defined as works of art that was experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics, this movement happened in the early 20th century and is happening again in the early 21 Century in education. The movement is the use of video games and games in general for educational use.

Why one might ask is education pushing for the use of gaming? Well students today are entrenched with the gaming society and the hope is that education will meet the student’s interest engaging them in learning. There is much information that puts gaming for education in a bad light, but should educators be so narrow minded in this global society which we live today. The gaming that are proposed for educational use are linked to standards, have built in rewards for the students who need motivation. Even if the student is highly motivated they will still benefit from gaming because students advance at their own pace. Games can build self-esteem and help the student succeed. Anyone who has or seen a child play a video game know that a child wants to win and beat that level to get to the next level. The trick for designers will be can they build games with this type of enthusiasm for education so students will be engaged in their own learning and want to improve. This movement is upon us and it is called Gamification.


One thought on “Blog Post 11 For INTC 5001: Games Are For Education

  1. This is a great topic because 1. One of our case studies in Doug’s class touched on this, and 2. Doug is offering a class about this next semester that you may be interested in! As Dana and I said in our Edutainment project, the games have been around and they do work!

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