Blog 12 For INTC 5001: The Ever Changing use of Technology in Schools.

images3Ever changing face of technology and the way in which we use it in education virtual avatar for children who are too sick to attend school.  I saw the article on the ABC Nightly New York news about a boy in Staten Island who uses this robot for the same reason that this teenager in Texas uses it. To listen to his story is amazing and awesome that technology in the classroom has come so far. The down fall to this is it cost about 6,000 dollars which for some districts is a lot of funds. However to listen to this youngster talk about how much he feels really connected and not so alone worth every penny. It is a 4 foot robot which he controls through a key board at his home. He does say that walking through the halls is difficult at times when doors are shut, because he cannot knock or open the door he must wait until someone walks by and try to get his attention. He is able to walk and talk to friends at lunch, in the hall interact with the teachers and class.


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