BLOG 12 : Wishing Everyone an Enjoyable Digital Detox and Happy Thanksgiving


I am wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and encouraging everyone I know to take a Digital Detox. I have deep need for computers, cell phones, tablets and lap tops, they have all helped me; attain a goal, would never be reached without them. My mom was told when I was young, not to buy me books with pictures because I was not reading the books anyway. The teacher said, ”She looks at the pictures and then imagines the whole story”. I have dyslexia and sometimes demands of school, writing notes and reading aloud still make me cringe and feel sick. I understand the need to be plugged in and connected however at what price. Since I have started with this degree I have gained many new insights, but everything has a price. I have become a person who is “always on”. I have become a person who is one with a computer; family, friends, my dogs and even myself have paid a price for be coming an “always on” person.

 After looking around I am not alone. I see many of my friends have joined this “always on” community in which we live. Many have occupations that compute only by airplanes hosting several meetings in different time zones on the same day. Theses people work from their homes most of the time. Their day starts with conference calls, client calls they are hooked on and plug-in 24/7. In this environment one never gets a chance to appreciate the people or the world around them, even things that were once enjoyable become something they just do not have time for. Instead terms like “I wish everyone would just leave me alone,” is said yet not meant. These people become so task originated that they lose sight of the best part of being human, which is the need to relate and be loved by others. In reflecting on this holiday I am thankful for the technological advances made and I am going to invest in time to digitally detox, no computer, laptop, smart phone and e-reader. I do realize that I have many family and friends who live far away. I am planning to send texts and e-mail the day before. This Thanksgiving I just want a break from the life that has taken over and ruled my every awaken moment. I am also hoping that my imagination will one day return. Allowing me to want to draw and paint the things I see, just as I did when I was 9 years old.


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