Blog 13 For INTC 5001: Zen Your Life

images1One Sunday morning as I was lying in bed just looking around and thinking of the chores, homework, lesson plan that has become my life for the last two years now. Concentrating on schoolwork avoiding the other life stuff just letting it piling up, and if not careful might bury me. I sent a few desperate text messages off to a few special friends, which said I have to Zen my life. I am finding that hard to do as I am an artist and see potential in everything. I have collected books, which are obsolete and have many sketchbooks full of poems and drawings. Then I had a Eureka moment when I stumbled across this article titled 15 reasons why you should blog:

  •  You might become a better writer.
  • You might become a better thinker.
  • You feel connected with a more international life and a boarded scope of the world.
  • You will develop filters to only share the most important things.
  • You may even develop a deeper meaning of self.
  • You will meet many people.
  • You might increase you income.
  • You can inspire others.
  • You can become more rounded person and their for be able to be enlightened by many things.
  • It is free and it can serve as a journal
  • You will get positive feed back along with thought provoking ones.
  • You could become more confident and more comfortable being known.

So like everything in life blogging has some etiquette to follow in trying to find what they were I found the 10 Commandments of Blogging;

  1. Thou shalt write every day
  2. Thou shalt publish once a week
  3. Thou shalt build an email list
  4. Thou shalt track everything; tip was offered Google Analyticator is a Word Press plug in and is easy to use.
  5. Thou shalt sell something, not sure about this one for education but maybe some art works.
  6. Thou shalt use social media wisely
  7. Thou shalt look great
  8. Thou shalt ask for action
  9. Thou shalt love and use SEO 
  10. Thou shalt remember that your blog is only a marketing tool, or a way to share information.

Now that my prayers are answered I think I can start minimizing my life, while striving for the understanding of the power of Zen.


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